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Effervescent C Vitamin

Ideal combination of Vitamin C with D3 and Zinc for boosting immunity & maintaining immune systemtaining immune system  Helps prevent daily infection and provides antioxidant support 

Vitamin C: Helps improve immune system components

Zinc: enhances immune system functioning 

Vitamin D3: helps regulate immune response and reduce susceptibility to infection.

Propolis: The main role of propolis in the hive is to protect bees against diseases. The use of propolis has a positive effect on nasal congestion, sneezing and nasal discharge. In many studies, it has been reported that the use of propolis supports the immune system and has a positive effect on nasal congestion, sneezing and nasal discharge in upper respiratory tract diseases.

Elderberry extract: Elderberry fruits show high antioxidant activity with rich anthocyanin content. It has therapeutic effects against many diseases like cold, flu, cancer, diabetes in human health, thanks to its antioxidant activity.

Electrolyte Effervescent: When we sweat during training, our body loses important electrolytes as well as releasing toxins, making us feel exhausted. It is the perfect post-workout drink to replace electrolytes lost after workouts. Quench your thirst, balance your body's pH.


7,5g X 10


Nutrition Information

Serving Size 1 Sachet

1 Sachet


Vitamin C

Vitamin D3


Pure Propolis

Elderberry Extract

1000 mg

1000 IU

10 mg

70 mg

50 mg






* Reference intake of an average adult (8400 kJ / 2000 kcal)
**Nutrient Reference Value not established

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