Freeze Dried Kiwi

BitesBeA Freeze Dry Kiwi is the perfect snack to pack or addition to top off any yogurt or cereal. It’s 100% natural and has all nutritional components of fresh strawberry.

Benefits of BitesBeA Freeze Kiwi

Keeping original taste and healthy nutritional values of the fresh product as when they picked.
A great way to consume fruit on-the-go so it’s travel friendly.
Delicious and healthy snack with rich nutrients.
Having low calories.


As you can consume it directly, you can use it also;
Top on your favorite smoothie or frozen yogurt,
Blending with plain or yogurt,
Stirring into muffin and cookie for a great taste

Ingredients : 100% pure freeze-dried Kiwi
No added sugar and sweeteners
No additives and preservatives
Gluten Free
Dairy Free